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Emotional Intelligence: The Self-Aware Leader

For far too long, “emotion” has been a dirty word in leadership. But it is becoming more widely understood that a distinguishing factor among great leaders is their awareness and management of emotions. This, too, can be you.

Session objectives:

  • Know the true meaning of emotional intelligence
  • Understand why self-awareness is so important to leaders and the people they lead
  • Manage emotions and impulses to maintain effectiveness as a leader


Precious Steele Boyle, PhD

Precious Steele Boyle, Ph.D.
Teacher, Certified Coach, Speaker

A native of Alabama, Precious Boyle, Ph.D., gained experience as a teacher, school leader, and coach in the schools of Memphis, Tennessee. She then led the coach development and program strategy for the national non-profit, Leading Educators. As a Goleman Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Precious has continued to expand her repertoire by working as a preventive coach for Meru Health in the mental health industry and as a part of Noble Story Group supporting school leaders.

Her work over the years has influenced more than 200,000 students and more than 4,000 educators and leaders across the nation. As a keynote speaker or a coach, Precious moves people toward action. She believes that a trusting and transparent relationship with yourself is the only way to live an extraordinary life.

Precious currently leads Silent Rock Educational Services, LLC. The titles Precious holds most dear are “Ken’s Wife” and “Carson and Kinney’s Mom.”

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