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Just Say It! The Secret to Giving Feedback*

No one wants to hear that they aren’t doing a good job; thus, no one wants to tell them. Even more difficult—relaying to your boss that you’re frustrated or aren’t hitting your targets; thus, many of us don’t. Worse still—most feedback, positive or negative, is useless, often because it’s vague. In this session, get a simple formula to make even the most difficult conversation easier. Conversations will be short, specific, and on-point. They won’t be personal. They will be actionable. You’ll be able to say what you want to say, when you want to say it, and in a way that the other person can hear you and take action.

Session objectives:

  • Give clear and specific feedback that team members can act upon immediately.
  • Provide feedback to peers, direct supervisors, and others at a higher level and in a way that does not elicit defensive responses.
  • Better understand the qualities of leadership in a volunteer environment.


Shari Harley

Shari Harley
Author, International Business Speaker, Entrepreneur

Shari Harley, author of the book How to Say Anything to Anyone, is known globally as an engaging, funny, content-rich business speaker. Her international training firm, Candid Culture, focuses on making it easier to tell the truth at work by bringing candor back to the workplace.

A former HR practitioner and operations leader, Shari’s practical approach has led her to speak and train in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Dubai, and Australia. From ‘Making Meetings Work’ and ‘Delegating Better’ to ‘Managing Your Career’ and ‘Saying Anything to Anyone,’ Shari’s tips are sure to delight and inform in a real, direct, and very funny way.
*Not available On Demand

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