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Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell, keynote speaker, author and founder of Rise-Up and Win International, helps people turn their personal challenges into breakthroughs, and their products and services into profits. Johnny gained his expertise in the insurance industry, where he worked as a corporate trainer and participated in leading hundreds of people through massive organizational changes.

He is the past president of the National Speaker Association for the state of Illinois, and is an Accredited Speaker, a designation presented by Toastmasters International for excellence in public speaking. It is held by only 75 professional speakers in the world.

Johnny is also the bestselling author of the audio series “The Power of Resiliency,” and a TEDx speaker. His TED talk is called “How an Enemy Can Improve Your Life.” Based on Johnny’s sales results, experiences, and his ability to help clients overcome their challenges, as well as succeed in their businesses and life, he is called: “The Transition Man.”

Education Session – Embracing the Winds of Change—Adjust Your Sails

Thursday, 8/23 2:45 - 3:45 p.m.

Are the winds of change in today’s world an opportunity for success, or a source of annoyance? Many current leaders are struggling with how to navigate change while benefiting from it. When it comes to change, there are multiple challenges. Questions range from how will this change be perceived, to how will it be embraced. In this entertaining and informative program, you will discover how leaders can effectively implement and navigate people through the winds of change.

In this interactive session, you will:

  • Complete your personal roadmap on how to implement change.
  • Learn to be more adaptive and responsive when personally dealing with change.
  • Gain more confidence and resiliency when managing people in the midst of change.