Ed Tate

tate-full-bioEd Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking, is a successful trainer, author, international keynote speaker and executive known worldwide as “the speaker who energizes, educates and entertains.”

As a trainer, Ed launched his career with Career Track, formerly one of the largest seminar companies in the world, where he was frequently requested and booked for over 100 dates per year. He co-wrote Motivational Selling: Advice on selling effectively, staying motivated and being a peak sales producer. He was also a contributor to Stories Trainers Tell and The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters.

His Fortune 500 clients include Hallmark Cards, Johnson & Johnson and the Project Management Institute. Ed understands and has experienced firsthand that strong leadership is critical during times of change and chaos.

In 2001, he led a transition team to merge two 100-year-old rival newspapers, The Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post. In his powerful keynote, Ed will share valuable lessons he learned about leadership during turbulent times, the actions that leaders must take when implementing or responding to change and show you how to cope with the everyday turbulence in your lives.

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