Anne Barab

anne-full-bioAnne Barab, DTM, AS, is a personal excellence expert who helps people improve their personal and professional success. After joining Toastmasters in 1998, Anne decided she wanted to be a professional speaker when she grew up. She’s been speaking to Fortune 500 companies, associations and nonprofits worldwide since.

Anne's life experience stretches from business (she's the former chief operating officer of a $1.5 billion mortgage bank) to government (she's a recovering politician) and family (she's a 45-year marriage survivor).

Her humorous book The Sooner You Laugh The Faster You Heal takes a look at how people create their own unhappiness and what to do about it. Her second book The Secret to Crafting Your Message So People Will Listen is the next step for Toastmasters wanting to turn their presentation skills into a richer, more abundant life.

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