French Translation Review Team

GaƩtane Ferland

Chief Reviewer

Name: Gaétane Ferland

District: 61

Primary Club: Beyond Words Advanced TM Club

Year joined: 2009

Highest position held: Area Director

Education awards earned? DTM

What is your area of expertise? Massage Therapy

How does your professional experience relate to your role as Chief Reviewer?
Being a massage therapist I guide and teach people online to help them to reach a lifestyle of personal freedom. My experience as a chief reviewer helps me to increase and get better as a leader. Since French is my mother tongue, I would like to help people to have TM materials to be translated into French a proper way so that people can enjoy it.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer for the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience?
I am very excited to review the Pathways learning experience materials because we are going to be the first one to see all wonderful changes, as per the theme for the year which is 'Embrace Change'. I enjoy my new experience and the many facts about translations such as TM terminology. In addition, I love to work with a fantastic team like Anette and the others from the translations team and of course our wonderful French reviewers team as well.

Lead Reviewer

Toastmasters French Translations

"As a lead reviewer, I get to support and encourage my colleagues in the translation review process. It can be difficult to reconcile dialects and regionalisms across the whole team. If I can help us bridge those gaps, then I have done my job."

Stéphane Parent

"I enjoy being part of the French review team because I love languages and I like to give and to help. To contribute to the new program is very exciting."

Corinne Simonet
Toastmasters French Translations

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