Japanese Translation Review Team

Chief Japanese

Name: Shigeto Negi

District: 76

Primary Club: Tsukuba TM Club

Year joined: 1986

Highest position held: Division Director

Education awards earned: DTM

What is your area of expertise? Chemist

How does your professional experience relate to your role as Chief Reviewer?
I had worked as a translation reviewer for about a decade at my office. I hope my job experience will be helpful to perform Chief Reviewer role. Honestly, I just try to examine whether my expertise can be applicable to general subjects like Toastmasters Club activities.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer for the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience?
In order to increase the number of Japanese projects or items in the pathway, I would like to do my best by coordinating the reviewers to accelerate the translation.

Lead Reviewers

lead reviewer

"It is an honor for me to be a Lead Reviewer and work with such excellent reviewers around the world to improve the quality of translated manuals. In so doing, I hope to help Japanese speaking members improve both their leadership and communication skills so they can realize their dreams."

Sachiko Morikawa

"I would be very happy to support the Chief reviewer and help improve the quality of Toastmaster materials for a great many Toastmasters in Japan. I'm sure that to work as a lead reviewer will give me a better understanding of our goals."

Yukiko Nakashima
Toastmasters Japanese Translations

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