Spanish Translation Review Team


Chief Reviewer

Name: Amparo Cifuentes

District: 86

Primary Club: Point of Tale TM Club

Year joined: 2010

Highest position held: Area Director

Education awards earned: DTM

What is your area of expertise? Advertising Technologist

How does your professional experience relate to your role as Chief Reviewer?
I had my first experience in translation early in my career as executive assistant, when I was hired by a Canadian multinational based in my country of origin, Colombia. Most management did not speak Spanish fluently and part of my job was to help interpret during meetings and translate correspondence and business documents.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer for the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience?
Knowing that the work we are doing can positively impact the experience of other Toastmasters is very motivating and rewarding. I believe through our contribution we are making a positive difference and it is truly exciting to be part of this effort to ensure members who speak other languages will also benefit from the Pathways learning experience!

Lead Reviewers

lead reviewer

"Being lead reviewer has given me the opportunity to work with an incredible team of translators that devote their time to create high quality material for members that speak our mother tongue. It's an experience to give back to Toastmasters International."

Violetta Rios

"I like being a lead reviewer because I can share global ideas with other members who use Toastmasters content in Spanish. At the same time, I have the opportunity to work with reviewers from different countries in order to define and explain those ideas; it means that I am developing my communication and leadership skills in another stage. I am enjoying this great experience because I can understand in a better way my native language as well as English language."

David Camacho
lead reviewer

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