Chris Raneri, DTM

Chris Raneri, DTM

Candidate's Office: International Director

Region Number: 3

Toastmasters member since: 2013

Education: BS Business Infromation Systems from University of North Texas

Employer and/or position: AT&T

Served as District Director of District number: 25

Term of service: 2020-2021

In term as District Director, District achieved: Not Distinguished

Toastmasters offices held and terms of service (international-, region-, and District-level):

  • 2015-2016 D25 Area Director
  • 2016-2017 D25 Division Director
  • 2018-2019 D25 Club Growth Director
  • 2019-2020 D25 Program Quality Director

Relevant work experience and how it relates to Toastmasters and your role as a Board Member:

Served as the Chief of Staff for a Vice President and Assistant Vice President for over 8 years. I used communication/leadership skills learned from Toastmasters to overcome obstacles as CoS and vice versa. To be successful as a CoS, I needed excellent organizational skills; the ability to navigate and negotiate challenging/tenuous situations; and superior time management. Often times I was working on multiple projects in parallel. These skills can be leveraged as a Board member.

What experience do you have in strategic planning?

Every year as CoS, I was required to assemble a business plan to outline the projects and work drivers for the near future and beyond (3+ years). I was the team lead in developing an online trending tool which used headcount and work driver input to predict how the business would be affected. I am currently on the D25 Strategic Planning Committee as vice-chair.

What experience do you have in the area of finance?

I have never worked in the finance area directly. I am familiar with the business capital and expense process, as well as labor rates. I am also familiar with how accounting codes relate to expenses, including budget planning.

What experience do you have in developing policies?

I have developed many processes that have indirectly been used to create future policies.

What lessons did you learn from previous leadership positions?

The greatest lesson I learned is that I don't know everything. In some cases, I need to assemble the right people to lead the discussion to make decision. Also, listening before reacting is key to minimizing confusion and negative situations. No opinion should be dismissed; they all have value, even when you don't agree with the position.

What experience and key strengths would you bring to the Board of Directors?

The ability to think through a situation in its entirety - from birth to death. Paying attention to all the detail and not missing the small things that make the difference in how a process or communication is developed. Having a broad outlook, but understanding how actions we take today can affect future actions.

Why do you want to serve as an International Officer/Director?

I want to be on the ground floor advocating for our members so they can have the best experience possible. I have provided my opinion to International leaders in the past on areas we excel in and areas we have opportunities in. I want to be on the front line taking action versus just sharing an opinion.

What volunteer experience do you have outside of Toastmasters?

I have volunteered for activities that support the Boy Scouts of America and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), as well as fundraising for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. These were not in lead roles, but as part of the supporting cast to coordinate volunteers and their assignments.

Have you worked with other Boards of Directors outside of Toastmasters? If so, describe your experience.

I have not worked with other Boards.

In your opinion, what are Toastmasters International’s major objectives and how would you work to achieve them?

One major objective is to support our members and to develop a robust education program that is valued beyond the four walls of Toastmasters. To me, this is the only way the organization becomes a household name. I would brainstorm ideas, help develop the ideas of others and work to influence change where it is needed for our members.