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Member Testimonials

Members are the heart of Toastmasters International and they love to share their stories.

Many members go on to become leaders within the organization, selflessly volunteering their time to help others develop the communication and leadership skills which proved indispensible to them.

Personal, honest and heartfelt, these testimonials from club leaders, district governors, brand ambassadors and more describe how Toastmasters International can help anyone overcome fear and achieve their aspirations.

The Toastmasters Experience
Are you wondering what goes on at a Toastmasters meeting? What you will learn? Whether or not you have to give a speech? Pay a virtual visit to the Bright and Early Toastmasters club to learn more about what happens each week and how the experience can benefit you.
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Toastmasters Time-tested Communication Tips on Video
Each five- to seven-minute video in this series offers Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike valuable resources to help navigate public speaking-related situations that arise every day.
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