The Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund
The Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund

"The deepest joy of belonging comes as one learns to cooperate, contribute and help . . ."

Dr. Ralph C. Smedley    
Founder, Toastmasters International     

Toastmasters International offers people the opportunity to improve their listening, thinking and speaking skills - vital skills that help people become more successful in their personal and professional lives.

As a non-profit volunteer organization, Toastmasters International relies on the financial support of its members. Contributions to the Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund help ensure that the Toastmasters program remains competitive, offering new and innovative approaches to effective communication.

Toastmasters International established The Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund to continue the legacy of its Founder and support the following types of activities:

  • Development of new communication and leadership programs for club and member use. The new leadership manual is an example of this.

How to Participate
Your gift to the Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund supports only enterprises that advance Toastmasters International's mission, which is "to make effective oral communication a worldwide reality." Your entire gift will be used in efforts to help others benefit by the Toastmasters program.

Toastmasters International holds a 501(c) (3) U.S. Federal tax exemption. This means that any contribution may be listed as a deduction on the donor's U.S. Federal Income Tax return (and in some cases listed on a State Income Tax return).

If you live in a country outside the U.S., please consult your tax advisor to find out if your donation is tax deductible. Every contribution is gratefully acknowledged. Toastmasters International will send the donor a receipt for record-keeping and tax purposes. There are many ways to support the Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund:

  • Individual Donations. Toastmasters or non-Toastmasters may make a cash contribution to the fund.
  • Club Contributions. Clubs may make a donation by taking up a special collection or by contributing from the club treasury. Also, clubs may elect to make a regular donation each year during October, in recognition of Toastmasters International's anniversary. Or, a club may wish to make a contribution each year to commemorate its charter anniversary.
  • Honorary Contributions. Individuals or clubs may make donations in honor of an individual or occasion. For example, you may donate in recognition of a Toastmaster's membership anniversary, or in recognition of an individual's service to the community, district or club. Toastmasters International will send a notice of the contribution to the honoree without disclosing the amount.
  • Memorial Contributions. Donations may be made in memory of an individual. If you wish, Toastmasters International will send a notice to the surviving relative about the donation without disclosing the amount.
  • Corporate Contributions and Foundation Grants. Since Toastmasters International is a nonprofit volunteer organization, the Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund is eligible for many matching fund and corporate donation programs.

Planned Giving
Planned Giving provides carefully designed options to help you make meaningful gifts to the Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund. Through careful planning of the best property to fund your gifts, their timing and the methods used to make them, you may be able to give more while minimizing or eliminating federal estate and gift taxes. You may be surprised to discover ways to fulfill charitable wishes to Toastmasters International and yet preserve or actually enhance your financial security or that of your loved ones.

What to give:

  • Bequests
    When you designate Toastmasters International in your will, your estate plan demonstrates your commitment to continuing the legacy of Ralph C. Smedley. You can make provisions for your gift through your will as well as many types of charitable trusts.
  • Cash, stocks, bonds or mutual funds
    You benefit from the income tax deduction on the full market value of the stock, and you avoid paying capital gains tax on the stock's increase in value.
  • Life insurance and retirement plans
    Name Toastmasters International Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund as beneficiary.

Keep the Legacy Alive
Ralph C. Smedley, Founder of Toastmasters International, once said, "Education is our business. It has been so from the beginning." Smedley had a vision of people helping others learn communication skills in an enjoyable and educational social setting. That idea sparked the growth of Toastmasters International, a worldwide movement that is dedicated to teaching public speaking and leadership skills.

The Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund is an opportunity for you to help keep Smedley's vision alive. Toastmasters International established the Memorial Fund to support the development and creation of new materials in the fields of communication and leadership. This fund promotes the continuation of Smedley's ideals through Toastmasters.

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