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Revitalized Education Program

As the world changes, Toastmasters International is changing with it. That means offering more and better opportunities to grow and learn. Toward that end, the organization has exciting news to share: After much thought, research and analysis, Toastmasters is revitalizing its education program.

The first step of this journey began with the Board of Directors’ 2010 Strategic Plan, a blueprint for the future. The Board called for a renewed focus on leadership and a modernized communication program. Since then, time has been spent researching and analyzing the existing program by conducting surveys with current and former members. In addition, Board committees focused on identifying the skills, competencies and attributes learned through the education program, and helped to guide a project plan for the updated program.

This project, one of the organization’s most significant in recent memory, will have a profound impact on the lives of countless people. The enhanced program will offer:

  • Tailored learning to help members meet personal and professional goals
  • Communication and leadership skills relevant to real-world experiences in a globally evolving marketplace
  • A clearer path for achieving education awards

Is the foundation of Toastmasters changing? No. The traditional core of our education system will stay firmly in place. Achievement and recognition remain at the heart of the process. However, the organization is taking the learning experience to the next level.

Technology will become a powerful tool. The revitalized program will marshal and refine online resources to boost self-directed learning. You will be able to harness technology to improve your speeches and meeting roles.

You will be able to access educational materials through mobile web applications on your smartphones and tablets. Video will become a key learning tool. Expanded digital content will be available, along with opportunities to reach around the globe and learn along with members in other lands.

  Revitalized Education Program Venn Diagram

With such far-reaching technologies at your fingertips, you can expand your horizons on many levels. Toastmasters International aims to leverage the power of this global organization like never before.

There is still much work to be done to ensure that the revitalized program meets the goals and objectives of all members and remains true to the foundation of the organization. Program developers are working closely with two groups of member volunteers: Learning Masters and Ambassadors. These members provide feedback and help communicate the benefits of the enhanced program.

Together we will infuse the education program with new energy, ideas and capabilities. Learn more about the revitalization project via the links below: