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Stimulated Not Stir-Crazy: How to Stay Motivated While Living in Uncertainty - Katie Rigsby

Working and living in isolation can be a major "buzzkill," says Katie Rigsby. During times of uncertainty, many people find themselves depressed, anxious, or even angry, while others have nervous energy and seem to be bursting at the seams. In this session, Katie will guide you through the steps of transferring your anxieties or nervous energy into motivation to help you be more creative and productive, all while keeping a distance.

The 8-Carat Communicator - Dawn Frail

This presentation uses the four factors in determining the value of a precious gemstone to create a formula that any speaker can use as a blueprint for delivering a highly engaging message.

2020 Opening Ceremonies and Keynote Presentation

Watch the highly anticipated convention kickoff, featuring the popular Parade of Flags, our inspiring keynote speaker, Dan Clark, and an introduction to candidates for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors.

Humanity will Rise as a Force, Stronger than a Disease - Dineshrie Pillay

In 2020, humanity has faced unprecedented times in the wake of COVID-19. Our personal lives, professional lives, and every facet of our daily routine has been interrupted, leaving many of us demotivated.

Design Thinking—A Way of Life - Saveen Hegde

In this presentation, discover how Design Thinking helps us develop an open, flexible mindset that is important in today’s changing world. Learn how Design Thinking combines creative and critical thinking that allows information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, situations to be improved, and knowledge to be gained.

The Power of Story - Kelly Swanson

The intent of this session is to teach you why stories have more impact than facts, figures, and data when it comes to influencing people. As speakers, we sometimes think that the key to giving a good presentation is relaying the information in a clear, structured manner without a single “um” or “so.” While this may make for a well-presented lecture, this, alone, will not allow you to persuade and convince your audience. Persuasion is emotional and there is a big difference in telling people what they should do and encouraging them to want to do it.

Region 4 Candidate Showcase

Watch International Director candidates Robert Christeson, Harold Osmundson, and Linda M. Rhea as they address questions submitted by current and past Toastmasters leaders.

Region 6 Candidate Showcase

Watch International Director candidates Avis C. Brodie and Melissa L. McGavick as they address questions submitted by current and past Toastmasters leaders.

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