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Sarah Khan Toastmasters and Diversity

In this video, speaker and trainer Sarah Khan shares what Toastmasters represents to her: A diverse group of people who respect and support each other to become better communicators and leaders. Sarah goes on to reveal that if it wasn’t for Toastmasters she wouldn’t be able to share her message of unity that she now spreads across the globe.

Toastmasters International 90th Anniversary

Take a look at Toastmasters International 90 years of history.

Toastmasters Tips – The Proper Way to Use a Microphone

Microphones can be helpful when speaking in front of large audiences. Learn how to properly use a microphone, including preparation, positioning, dealing with technical difficulties and more in this helpful video from Toastmasters International.

Member Testimonial Meera Manek

Speechwriter, public speaking coach and comedian Meera Manek reveals how Toastmasters helps to keep her speechwriting skills sharp as well as the benefit she receives from listening to other members’ speeches and evaluations. She also shares how the unique experience of Toastmasters can help you grow and share your message.

Tiffony Jacobs The Benefits of Toastmasters

Tiffony Jacobs is one of the former students transformed by educator Erin Gruwell in the 1990s in Long Beach, California. An original Freedom Writer, Tiffony and her peers gained notoriety after a best-selling book and critically acclaimed movie came out with their powerful story. Now, an outreach coordinator for the Freedom Writers Foundation, Tiffony reveals the multiple opportunities that Toastmasters has provided her. Joining the organization, she says, is a great way to share and deliver a conversation that matters.

Erin Gruwell: How to Speak to an International Audience

Toastmaster Erin Gruwell is an acclaimed educator, speaker and founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation. In this video she shares a list of powerful questions to ask yourself the next time you’re presenting to make the most of the experience for your audience and yourself.

New Pathways Learning Experience “A Breath of Fresh Air”

Watch members share their experiences with Pathways – Toastmasters’ new education program. Available online and in printed materials, it offers flexibility and dynamic projects that teach real-world, transferable skills.

Marc Williams Creating a Positive Impact

Toastmaster Marc Williams talks about his career as an educator, and how the presentation skills he developed as a member led him to become a principal. Realizing his own potential, he teaches his students to do the same, while emphasizing that communication is the key to success.

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