Revitalized Education Program

In an effort to offer members improved opportunities to learn and grow, Toastmasters is revitalizing our education program. This effort aligns with the directive for a renewed focus on leadership and communication in the Board of Directors' 2010 Strategic Plan. Based on extensive research and member surveys, the program will offer:

  • Learning paths tailored to personal and professional goals and relevant to an evolving global marketplace
  • A clearer path toward Toastmasters recognition and achievement awards
  • New technological resources to improve speeches and support meeting roles
  • Mobile access to educational materials (smartphones and tablets)
  • Expanded video and digital content to facilitate learning among our global community of members

At the start of the revitalization process, two groups of member volunteers, Learning Masters and Ambassadors, were tasked with providing feedback and communicating program benefits to the wider membership. The Learning Masters and Ambassadors have been working closely with the Education Team to infuse the existing education program with new ideas and enhanced capabilities, and to keep members informed of new developments.

The revitalized education program will maintain Toastmasters' four guiding principles: experiential learning, self-paced learning, peer evaluation and mentoring. Each of the revitalized program's tailored learning paths will have five levels of achievement, building progressively in complexity. Each path will include 10 to 12 projects, including a mix of required and elective projects. The highest level of achievement will remain the DTM.

All educational materials will eventually be translated into eight languages. There will be more projects based on evaluation, and members will receive more guidance on how to be an effective evaluator. A formal mentoring program will also be established.

The revitalized program is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2015; however, the launch date will be pushed back as needed to maintain the highest level of quality throughout the revitalization process. After the launch, the current and revitalized education programs will run parallel for at least two years.


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