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Region Advisor District Visits

Region advisors (RAs) are international volunteers at the region level who have expert knowledge about marketing-related issues and an awareness of current trends in their parts of the world. RAs play an important role in Toastmasters International, helping districts solve pressing issues and serving as coaches and mentors to district leaders.

In a consultant capacity, RAs help districts fulfill the district mission. Their objective is to support district leaders' efforts to improve the quality and performance of their clubs, so that more people benefit from the Toastmasters program.

One way RAs accomplish this is by conducting district visits. Together, district leaders and their RA determine if a visit would promote the success of the district. Not all districts need a visit. Ideally, RAs and district leaders begin communicating about visits during the transition period between program years. If it’s determined a visit is needed, then a purpose for the visit is established and an agenda and goals are planned.

These visits are not intended as opportunities for RAs to give speeches or be VIPs; rather, the RAs use these trips to work closely with districts in a variety of capacities, as needed:

  • Help district leaders improve marketing strategies by analyzing and discussing district data with them
  • Help districts identify strategies to increase their marketing capacity
  • Mentor district leaders in conducting effective corporate visits and demonstration meetings
  • Finalize and strategize marketing plans for new clubs and membership retention
  • Discuss district operations, such as district success planning
  • Identify and discuss district-specific challenges
  • Help district leaders create marketing training programs
  • Conduct corporate recognition visits with district leaders

These suggestions are not inclusive. The support provided by RAs varies from district to district based on each district’s unique needs.

All RA visits to districts must be pre-approved by the Toastmasters International President, and region advisors should not make commitments to the district until they have received such approval. RAs are asked to submit a district visit schedule (which includes the purpose of the visits) to World Headquarters by mid-September. This schedule is then reviewed by the International President and coordinated with the schedule of International Director (ID) visits.

After district visit schedules have been finalized, World Headquarters sends each lieutenant governor marketing an RA district visit kit. The region advisor uses the resources in the kit to help leaders guide their districts towards success. Lieutenant governors marketing should become familiar with the contents of the kit before the RA visits. The kit contains items, like Toastmasters educational-program materials and marketing and membership materials.

World Headquarters reimburses RAs for district visits according to Protocol 10.0: Region Advisor Expenses.