Beverly reacts happily after being announced by International President Deepak Menon (right) as the 2019 World Champion of Public Speaking.

News from Toastmasters International

Highlights from the World Championship of Public Speaking

Paul Sterman


The Keys to Long-Term Membership

Bill Brown, DTM

Woman in white lab coat holding beaker


The Importance of Being Scientifically Literate

Maureen Zappala, DTM


What to Look for in a Good Speech

Bill Brown, DTM

News from Toastmasters International

The Toastmaster Turns 86!

Shannon Dewey

Group of Toastmasters members in Spain pose with banner

Club Experience

Trilingual Club in Spain Revives Ancient Language

Jennifer L Blanck, DTM

Illustration of stone statue woman speaking at lectern


The Crafting of Eloquence

Beth Black

Woman with hands up trying to make a decision

Personal Growth

Can't Decide?

Laura Amann

Woman peering from behind stage curtain

Personal Growth

How to Release Your Fear and Feel at Home on the Stage

Mary Nesfield

The Facts Are In

News from Toastmasters International

The Facts Are In!

Woman with notecard speaking to man

Presentation Skills

Prep Talk

Joel Schwartzberg

Genein Letford teaching students


Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Shannon Dewey