Six people sitting at a desk brainstorming


The Value of Mastermind Groups

Lynne Strang, DTM

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Presentation Skills

Everyone Has a Story

Craig Harrison, DTM, PDG

Craig Valentine onstage in suit and tie


Using Stories to Breathe Life into Every Speech

Craig Valentine

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News from Toastmasters International

Officer Involvement Equals Member Success

Paul Sterman

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An Impressive Operation

Nicholas Wilson

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Running with a Dream

Laura Amann

Nervous man standing at lectern with laptop

Presentation Skills

Dealing with Distractions

Barbara Augello

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Shed the Dread of Business Writing

Barbara Bashein, PhD, DTM

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Want to Be More Likable?

Karen Friedman

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Annoying People Are Everywhere

Sharí Alexander

Deepak Menon is Toastmasters’ 2019-2020 International President.

News from Toastmasters International

Highlights from the 2019 Toastmasters International Convention

Laura Amann