Month-End Closing Dates

All online submitted material is processed and counted toward recognition in the month received. With the exception of the month of December, month-end closing dates are always the last calendar day of the month (see calendar below). This allows World Headquarters to process submitted material received so that recognition and progress reports can be compiled and generated within the first few days of the following month.

Please keep in mind that if you add a new, reinstated or dual member online by the listed monthly closing date, it is processed automatically and will appear on the next progress report. Additionally, if you submit a new, dual or reinstated member by fax, mail or email (joining in the current month or earlier) and it is received by the listed monthly closing date, it will be processed by the final DCP/DPR report date. However, if you submit a new, dual or reinstated member by fax, mail or email and it is received after the listed monthly closing date, it will be processed the following month (or later based on the member join date) and will be reflected as such on the following month's progress reports. If you have questions about your submissions, please contact us by email.

Month-End Closing Dates for 2016

Month 2016 Closing Date 2016 Final DCP-DPR Reports*
January Sunday, Jan. 31 Friday, Feb. 5
February Monday, Feb. 29 Friday, Mar.  11
March Thursday, Mar. 31 Friday, Apr. 8
April Saturday, Apr. 30 Friday, May 6
May Tuesday, May 31 Friday, June 10
June Thursday, June 30 Friday, July 22
July Sunday, July 31 Friday, Aug. 5
August Wednesday, Aug. 31 Friday, Sept. 9
September Friday, Sept. 30 Friday, Oct. 7
October Monday, Oct. 31 Friday, Nov. 11
November   Wednesday, Nov. 30 Friday, Dec. 9
December   Sunday, Dec. 18 Monday, Jan. 2, 2017

* Final report dates subject to change.

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