Speeches and Voting Logistics

Each district leader candidate, including floor candidates, is entitled to a two-minute speech at the district conference. The speeches by the candidates are delivered in alphabetical order of the candidate's last name, by office, beginning with the highest contested office. Each such speech is delivered from the platform and given by the candidate, if present. If the candidate is absent, the candidate's representative may give the speech. No other speeches, demonstrations or other activities are allowed.

Voting Logistics

The balloting for each office takes place immediately following the close of nominations for the office. The district governor informs candidates that they are expected to provide one Toastmaster to assist or observe the counting of the ballots. The election is completed and the winner announced before moving to the next office to complete nominations for that office.

Candidates nominated for one office and not elected to the office may be nominated from the floor for a lower office, in the order stated above.
After nominations for an office are closed, if only one candidate is running for the office, the district governor may entertain a motion to dispense with the secret ballot for the uncontested office and to instruct the secretary to cast a single ballot for the candidate. If there are multiple offices of division director, each with only a single nominee, the district governor may entertain a motion to dispense with the secret ballot for all the uncontested offices and to instruct the secretary to cast a single ballot for each candidate.

Any candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast is declared elected. In the event no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast for a contested office, voting continues with the use of special ballots and without the name of the candidate receiving the fewest votes. This procedure continues until one of the candidates receives a majority of the votes.

Election Results

All election results are final upon adjournment of the district's annual meeting. Results of the election must be displayed in the registration area as soon as possible following adjournment. All proxies and ballots are to be retained for 24 hours following the close of the meeting for review only by the district governor or district credentials chairman, as necessary. Immediately afterward they must be destroyed by the district governor or his or her designee.


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