2020 Toastmasters International Virtual Convention Speakers
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The international organization that empowers communicators brings together experts from around the globe to teach and inspire you.

Golden Gavel Award

Golden Gavel Recipient Julian Treasure

2020 Golden Gavel Recipient: Julian Treasure

Secrets of Listening

  • Understand why listening is a key component of good communication.

  • Hear why a great listener has enormous world advantages.

  • Learn how to nurture the skill of listening, which is not a natural ability.

Keynote Presentation

Keynote Speaker Dan Clark

2020 Keynote Speaker: Dan Clark

The Privilege of the Platform

  • Learn the three questions every listener seeks.

  • Understand how to ‘Experience Content.’

  • Strike the ultimate balance of storytelling.

Education Sessions

See the three key takeaways (below) for each session and watch for free at your leisure.

Angela Barrus Headshot on World Map Background

“I See You” Leadership

  • Discover the “Genuine Encounter Secret.”

  • Implement the “I See You” Strategy (inspired by a personal experience with Past International President Balraj Arunasalam).

  • Create a personalized “I See You” Leadership plan.

Kin gi Biddle Headshot on World Map Background

The Messenger

  • Understand the role of the storyteller.

  • Get insight into one of the main secrets to storytelling.

  • Learn how to weave stories into all areas of your life.

John Bowe Headshot on World Map Background

I Have Something to Say: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking in an Age of Disconnection

  • Learn Aristotle’s three theories of speech in ancient Greece and learn the secret techniques of success in business, politics, and social life today.

  • Apply these deeper, long-lost lessons of speech training and become a vastly more competent and happier human being—in all your relationships.

  • Realize that as a Toastmaster, you possess a latent superpower; pass it on and help the world meet the difficult moment we face.
Simon Bucknall Headshot on World Map Background

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

  • Engage your listener’s attention right from the start.

  • Sell yourself and your ideas more effectively.

  • Be more memorable and build your personal brand.

Dawn Frail Headshot on World Map Background

The 8-Carat Communicator

  • Learn a powerful, yet simple, formula for creating a memorable message that impacts and inspires your audience.

  • Design your presentation so it is clear and cohesive and can be easily understood and fondly remembered.

  • Deliver your presentation in a way that is energizing and authentic, so you can be your best in a way that is uniquely you.
Richard Hardon Headshot on World Map Background

Move Them Without Seeing Them

  • Learn how to move your mental focus.

  • Be inspired to move yourself.

  • Make steps to move forward and embrace the new normal.

Saveen Hedge Headshot on World Map Background

Design Thinking—A Way of Life

  • Learn why Design Thinking is highly effective for leaders in today’s changing world.

  • Use Design Thinking to develop an open, flexible mindset.

  • Apply Design Thinking to better organize ideas and improve situations.

Ellie Kay Headshot on World Map Background

The Five Partnerships Every Toastmaster Needs

  • Learn why every Toastmaster needs a diversity of partnerships to be effective leaders and communicators.

  • Identify the five key partnerships in your life and think about who fills these roles for you.

  • Decide which of the five roles you fill in the lives of others.
Bob Mason Headshot on World Map Background

The Art of Not Motivating

  • Understand why a leader cannot really motivate anyone, but instead, should focus on creating a motivational environment.

  • Discover the common needs that motivate people.

  • Learn techniques towards making your team more productive, cohesive, and successful.
Suhail Nasir Headshot on World Map Background

Win Hearts with Humor

  • Discover some techniques to produce high-quality humor.

  • Hear examples of Exaggeration, Wrong Cause, Situational Comedy, and Parody to generate humor.

  • Get some practical tips to increase your creativity when it comes to writing comedic material.

Dineshrie Pillay Headshot on World Map Background

Humanity will Rise as a Force, Stronger than a Disease

  • Hear about the evolution of humanity and what we can learn from the past.

  • Get a refresher on the tools of speakers and the power of communication.

  • Discover the correlation between the disease and humanity’s evolution and what we can do to contribute to the evolution of humankind.

Katie Rigsby Headshot on World Map Background

Stimulated Not Stir-Crazy: How to Stay Motivated While Living in Uncertainty

  • Identify your personal motivators and methods you can use to self-motivate.

  • Learn how to use your current energy in positive ways to avoid becoming stir-crazy.

  • Understand how to be more productive and creative without overworking yourself.

Kelly Swanson Headshot on World Map Background

The Power of Story

  • Understand why story is your greatest tool in a speech.

  • Find out how to encourage people to WANT to do something.

  • Get some really cool take-home online goodies.
Chris Thompson Headshot on World Map Background

Influencer is a Verb

  • Learn why “influencer” is a verb.

  • Hear the story of a “10-year overnight success.”

  • Discover how authenticity wins.