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District Leader E-Toolkit

Are you a district leader or considering becoming one? Below you will find valuable resources and information that will help you and your district have a successful year. These tools will empower you and your district in the areas of club building, leadership development, training and other important issues.

District & Club Management

The District Leadership Handbook
This handbook is your one-stop shop for most of your district needs. It contains a variety of success strategies for districts ranging from managing district finances to planning a conference.

Effective Club Service and Club Visits
This manual provides a framework for conducting effective club visits and practical how-to strategies for meeting member needs.

Policies, Protocol and Bylaws
Need answers about policies, protocol and bylaws? This section of the website provides a variety of resources to help. You can access the complete policies and procedures of Toastmasters International, including the District Administrative Bylaws.

Distinguished Programs
Every district wants to become Distinguished. Learn how to achieve Distinguished status for your clubs, districts, areas and divisions.

Training Club and District Leaders
Resources for planning and presenting successful club and district leader training.

Club Officer Roles and District Leader Roles
Access important information about each club and district leader’s roles and responsibilities.

The District Success Plan
This plan, in conjunction with the Distinguished District Program, serves as your district’s strategic plan for the program year.

The District Finance Corner
Need information about your district budget or finding the right forms to submit to WHQ? Here’s a host of valuable finance and budget resources, including objectives, how-to strategies and steps for a successfully budgeted year.

Membership and Club Growth

Membership Building Contests
Recognize individuals and clubs for their contributions to membership growth. Start by accessing these reports online.

How to Build a Toastmasters Club
Need help organizing a new Toastmasters club? Use this step-by-step guide.

How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club
Need help rebuilding a club? Use this step-by-step guide.

Toastmasters International Membership Application
Membership applications are available online for clubs to use. Do the club leaders in your district know about this?

Membership Growth
Need strategies on club growth and quality programming? Use this manual for planning and maintaining membership growth in clubs.

Let the World Know: Publicity and Promotion Handbook
This public relations handbook is a do-it-yourself guide for letting the world know about your Toastmasters club.

Corporate Relations

Guide to Corporate Visits
Corporate visits serve as a way to create, develop and maintain relationships with corporations that sponsor Toastmasters clubs on-site at their business locations. This instructional brochure details the guidelines for building corporate relationships and describes the corporate marketing and relationship visits and the Corporate Recognition Award program.

Corporate Marketing Letter
Use this letter to market and introduce Toastmasters to organizations.

Corporate Marketing Presentation
This Corporate Marketing Presentation is the perfect tool that explains the features and benefits for an organization to sponsor a corporate club.

Clear Communication. Your organization needs it.
This brochure details the benefits of having a Toastmasters club in your organization, as well as testimonials from influential corporate leaders. 

Corporate Info Flier 
This customizable Corporate Info Flier is the perfect tool for sharing basic program and chartering information with potential corporate sponsors.

Features, Benefits and Value Chart
Use this chart to illustrate how the Toastmasters program benefits corporations and their employees.

List of Current Corporate Sponsors
Use this list to see which organizations currently sponsor in-house Toastmasters training. Note: A list of organizations that sponsor Toastmasters clubs in your district can be obtained by sending a request for information to