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Training Materials

Division and Area Governors
The following programs must be used as the core curriculum of every district’s training programs for division and area governors. 

Prepare for Training. Facilitators and area and division governors prepare for the format and content of training.

Develop Successful Teams. Area and division governors lay the groundwork for effective teamwork using team agreements. They learn about motivation and conflict-resolution techniques to maintain strong, productive teams.

Enhance Club Quality. Area and division governors discuss the topics of club quality and the member experience — the components that contribute to each, the connection between the two topics, and the role club visits play in ensuring both.

Establish and Support New Clubs. Area and division governors discover the importance of establishing new clubs and their role in the process. They learn about the club-building cycle and how to find opportunities for new clubs in their areas and divisions.

Conduct Quality Speech Contests. Area and division governors examine the types of speech contests recognized by Toastmasters International, the benefits of speech contests for all involved, and how to prepare speech contests with their teams.

Thrive in the District Recognition Program. Area and division governors learn about the Distinguished Club Program and the District Recognition Program. They examine their role in ensuring club quality and become familiar with the tools to help them in their task.