Letters: November 2009

Letters: November 2009

Letters to the Editor

Clearing Up the Blog Fog
What a delight to see the May issue of the Toastmaster dedicated to Web 2.0, social networks and blogging. These topics have been at the top of my to-do list for the last few months. And now the Toastmaster has answered my prayer; the suggestions and information were quite helpful and written with such clarity that I immediately set up my own blogs.

Recently, I attended LACE (Leadership and Communication Education) training in Founder’s District. One of the seminars dealt with social networking and it was standing room only: More than 100 people attended. Interest and enthusiasm were enormous.

With such timely and relevant articles appearing in the Toastmaster, I am constantly using the magazine as a recruiting tool and as one of the many benefits of joining Toastmasters. Thank you for being exceedingly client-driven.
Dr. Patricia Adelekan, DTM  •  Inner Strength Toastmasters Club  •  Santa Ana, California 

Speaking Normally With an Accent
I was very much inspired by the article “Turning Accents into Assets” (June) by Sher Hooker. I was born and bred in a South Asian country. Though English is my second language, I have a fairly good command of it. I migrated to Sydney, Australia, recently and have been an active member of a club in Sydney for over six months. I have delivered three speeches and participated in Table Topics sessions and in leadership roles. Given all this, I have always wondered about the impact I have on my club with my non-English accent.

This article has provided valuable insights into how regionally diverse club members can add to the learning and humor of the club. It has also helped me identify ways in which I can make my accent better understood by my club members without “normalizing” my natural speaking style. I look forward to reading more articles from Ms. Hooker!
Gladys Jayaseelan  •  Deloitte Toastmasters Club  •  Sydney, Australia 

I am very happy to see that the topic of Web 2.0 and social networking is being addressed in the Toastmaster magazine! I did notice an error in the definition of the term “Web services” in Dave Zielinski’s article “What’s New with Web 2.0?” (May). In the article, he defines Web services as “rent-a-software” that is leased by customers, and he cites examples of financial and customer relationship management providers who make functionality available to subscribers over the Internet. Actually, the correct term for this type of software is SaaS – Software as a Service.
Birgit Starmanns, ACB, ALB  •  SAP Toastmasters  •  Mountain View, California 

Ecstatic About Evaluation Article
Carol Dean Schreiner’s article “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (August) is the best magazine article I have read since I joined Toastmasters in 2006.

I read it twice in one go with great interest as it capsulized the essence of the Toastmasters evaluation process. Immediately, I scanned the “Handy Evaluation Checklist” that ran with the article, which I could use for my future evaluations of impromptu as well as prepared speeches. Being the current VPE of my club, I will promptly adopt Ms. Schreiner’s suggestion that evaluating the speech evaluators become a standard feature of the General Evaluator’s meeting role.
Gamini Senanayake, CC, CL  •  Wayamba Toastmasters  •  Kurunegala, Wayamba, Sri Lanka 

An Attitude of Gratitude
Thank you for the information, energy and inspiration that the Toastmaster magazine brings me. I read every issue front to back, and the articles always motivate me to write more, practice more and continue improving my speaking skills. I have been a member of Toastmasters International for two years and I have thoroughly enjoyed having this door of opportunities opened. Thank you, each and every contributor, for sharing your stories and expertise!
Alexa Vodicka  •  East Coast Raconteurs Toastmasters  •  Halifax, Nova Scotia

Finding Comedy in Financial Crunch
Thanks a lot for printing columns from John Cadley. The July 2009 column titled “In Times Like These” was absolutely hilarious. It is great to hear someone poking fun at the economic crisis. We still need to laugh, even in tough times.
Rodney Hinds, ACG, CL  •  Raiging Toastmasters  •  Amarillo, Texas

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