News From TI: Global Representation & Support

News From TI: Global Representation & Support

Be sure to vote Yes!
on this proposal in August. 

In August 2009, every Toastmasters club in the world will be asked to vote on a very important set of governance changes that would take effect in 2010. If passed, these changes will improve the way Toastmasters is structured on a global scale, ultimately enhancing service to the member.

Toastmasters is Global. Toastmasters is You.
The heart of the Toastmasters world is the club, and the lifeblood of each club is the satisfaction of its members. But how does each member relate to Toastmasters International on a global scale?

The answer lies in the structure of Toastmasters, and all the various ways we provide support and service to the member.

The purpose of the governance proposal is to improve the organization’s structure, with the aim of achieving the following two goals:

  • A more fair and equitable system of global representation.
  • Improved service and support for every member, regardless of where he or she may live in the world.

Global Representation.

Toastmasters International has grown into every part of the world, but the way we currently operate does not adequately accommodate and support this growth.
The proposed solution is:

  • 14 regions spanning the entire globe.
  • One board member from each region.
  • One region advisor per region.

Local Support.
Member satisfaction is the key to our ongoing success. By regionalizing the Toastmasters world, we ensure that every member gets the support he or she needs to succeed.
Through the enhanced training of our leaders, we enable improved support to our clubs. As the club is strengthened, the member experience is enriched. As the member experience is enriched, each Toastmaster is better able to achieve his or her personal and professional goals. This is the heart of the Toastmasters program.

More effective leaders = enhanced club support = an enriched member experience.

Small Impact. Big Effect.

These improvements (summarized in the table below) will not change the way your Toastmasters club operates, but they will improve the quality of service your club receives. This will result in a more enriched experience for you, the member.

The Future is Yours.
When it is time to vote, mark “YES” on your ballot. In doing so, you stand for a global organization that is committed to making a difference by representing, supporting and ensuring success for every Toastmaster in the world.

Toastmasters is Global. Toastmasters is You.