Board Report: Planning TI's Future

Caption: The 2007-2008 Board of Directors met at Toastmasters World Headquarters
in February and discussed the governance reshaping project.

During its February meeting, the Board of Directors continued its focus on aspects related to the governance reshaping project. Each committee reviewed elements of the recommendations to date and identified next steps in the development process. Following is a summary of the Board’s actions:

  Reviewed feedback from mid-year meetings, from districts not assigned to regions, and from many individual members regarding the Board’s published minutes from the November 2007 Board meeting and the Shaping the Future of Toastmasters question-and-answer document.

  Acknowledged the need for further research and decided to bring the governance proposals to the membership for a vote at the August 2009 International Convention in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

  Reviewed the plan to extend regions worldwide and based on current membership and growth projections, recommended the creation of 14 regions worldwide, acknowledging that these boundaries are subject to review and change.

  Created master project plans for the governance reshaping project that focus on specific areas at three different levels: 1) international 2) regions and 3) districts. For a more comprehensive listing of the project plans, visit and click on “Announcements.”

  Focused on the continuing development of the Region Advisor concept and reviewed the Distinguished Club Program. Defined the qualifications for service as a Region Advisor as well as the training needs and an evaluation process.

  Validated the ongoing need to have appropriate recognition for successful clubs and within that context, reviewed the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). Asked WHQ staff to enhance promotion of the DCP and to analyze potential modifications.

  Reviewed district leader responsibilities and agreements, district leader evaluation, and the Distinguished District Program. Explored adding an evaluation component to district leader roles and recommended that WHQ staff create Advanced Leader manuals for each officer role. Asked WHQ staff to research and identify an online leadership assessment tool for determining an individual’s leadership path.

  Asked World Headquarters staff to conduct research of the Distinguished District Program in areas involving Distinguished clubs, club growth, and membership growth. The purpose is to better align district goals with club goals and remove the limit on the number of President’s and Select Distinguished districts.

  Reviewed the first draft of Bylaws changes that would be required with the governance proposals, including transitions from the current system to the future. A major part of the governance reshaping project is to ensure that the organization’s policies and procedures support and govern the organization. The Board reviewed more than 100 policies and procedures with the intention of identifying documents that need revision, those that are no longer needed, and documents that will need to be created.

  Effective July 1, 2008, the Board granted full district status to three provisional districts: 81P (Caribbean), 82P (India and Sri Lanka) and 85P (China).

The Board will meet in August during the International Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.