Letters – October 2007

Letters – October 2007

Letters to the Editor

Wow Phoenix!!!
Phoenix was my first Toastmasters International Convention. What an exhilarating experience! First, the diverse Toastmasters from around the world were friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and interesting. I was impressed, inspired and motivated.

Second, the host district and TI Headquarters staff were well organized and very hospitable. I volunteered and enjoyed every minute of it.

Third, the beautiful Marriot Desert Ridge Resort and Spa, with its warm ambiance and welcoming staff, was strategically nestled among plants and flowers offering an array of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

Then, the elections, dinners, luncheons, dances, workshops and the captivating World Champion of Pubic Speaking Contest were unforgettable and pleasing highlights.

Thank you host district volunteers, Headquarters staff, and all Toastmasters who attended this 76th annual Convention and made it a great success. For any Toastmaster who did not attend, you missed a unique occurrence!

Finally, next year, every Toastmaster should attend the International Convention in Calgary, Canada, where plans are underway to give us the time of our lives. Let’s all be there and enjoy its greatness. We can start planning now for the inspiration, motivation and fun derived at such an event.
Patricia Adelekan, Ph.D, DTM • Anaheim City Communicators 5884-F Anaheim, California 

Kudos on New Web Site
I think the new Web site is wonderful and truly up-to-date. It looks great! The new pages are very user-friendly. It makes me even more proud to say that I am a Toastmaster! Thanks to the Web team for all your efforts.
Patrice Harris CTM, CL • MJM Speakers Circle 6799-30 Chicago, Illinois

I am a member at CiscoSpeaks Toastmasters of San Jose. I have also consulted for marketing as an MBA student and I would like to say, “Congratulations!” The new site is a vivid improvement. It looks polished and professional. Very attractive and welcoming!
Renee Lam, ACB • Pleasanton Community 4762-57 Pleasanton, California 

A Positive Push
When I read my Toastmaster magazine, it marvels and pleases me that so many people have benefited from the Toastmasters program. Whether it is in their personal capacity or through their careers, people worldwide continually have success stories to share. In my own life, Toastmasters has pushed me in the right direction in two specific areas:

First, I delivered a speech titled “Three blind dates,” which included funny anecdotes from some dates I had been on. Shortly thereafter I was requested to write an article on blind dating for Marie Claire magazine. Using my speech as a basis, I expanded on the content and my story was published last month.

Second, at work I was asked to sit in on a pitching panel for a wildlife filmmaking course. The students in the course had to pitch their film ideas to a panel, and I was asked to evaluate the delivery of the pitches. Of course, the knowledge gleaned from carrying out evaluations at our monthly meetings was of a monumental help. As a result, I have been asked to run a short lecture on presentation skills. So now it is my turn to say “Thank you to Toastmasters!”
Samantha Pryce • Good Hope 4374-74 • Cape Town, South Africa 

Navigating the Rough Seas of Language Change
I got a few chuckles from reading the Letters page in the September issue. Your definition of SNAFU caused most of them. I served in the US Navy from 1949 to 1953. None of the sailors I served with would have agreed with your definition. If you wish to believe the Warner Brothers definition, that is your privilege. However, don’t expect any current or former servicemen to agree with you.

Incidentally my copy of Ran- dom House Webster’s College Dictionary includes in its definition of SNAFU: “ s(ituation) n(ormal) a(ll) f(—ed) u(p).”
Glenn Knudson, DTM • Walkie Talkies 5641-03 • Phoenix, Arizona

Break the Predictable Pattern!
The latest issue (Toastmaster, Sept. 2007) contained excellent articles on the new President Chris Ford and on Coach Curtis. However, I was rather chagrined to read about the experience of member Ruby Thang (“Etiquette Missing”). The club in question should forcefully address the situation, i.e. the misbehavior of its members, and bend backward to give Ms. Thang what she rightly deserves.

I have personally encountered equally disturbing situations where visitors are seen as interfering with a regular and predictable pattern. I do not think that this is what Toastmasters is about.
Paul-André Larose, Ph.D. • Whitby Intrepid 7338-60 Oshawa, Ontario,Canada

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