Board Report: Planning TI's Future

Caption: The Board of Directors in action at the
International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, in August.

The Board of Directors met in August during the International Convention and made the following decisions: 

Board Action: 
As part of the governance reshaping, the Board discussed
the role, personal attributes, basic qualifications, tasks and
tools of the proposed position of region specialists.

  • The region marketing specialist would assist district leaders in enhancing the performance of clubs through training and assistance in club extension and retention and membership building.
  • The region education specialist would assist district leaders in enhancing the performance of clubs via training and assistance in achieving educational awards, training club and district leaders, conducting conferences and helping all clubs meet member needs.

In preparation for governance reshaping, the Board:

  • Brainstormed the composition, nomination procedures and use of surveys and other tools for the International Leadership Committee, which will be responsible for nominating officer and director candidates.
  • Proposed creating an International Director Candidate Survey, similar to the International Officer Candidate Survey, to assist the International Leadership Committee in nominating candidates.
  • Confirmed that all elections will take place at the International Convention and, ideally, will be contested. Drafted a campaign timeline and discussed campaign policies for both nominated and floor candidates. 

Reviewed the proposed budget for fiscal year 2008 and recommended approval. 

Approved a request for funding to renovate office space at World Headquarters. This funding will be allocated from the portion of reserves designated for infrastructure improvements. 

Reviewed membership data and growth trends relative to the formation of boundaries for regions worldwide. 

Brainstormed how district processes and structures could be improved with two key objectives in mind:

a. Increase alignment from the club level through the district level and on to the international level of the organization.

b. Create a structure and processes that will help solve problems with the current system, such as accountabilities at the leadership level, political friction among the district leaders and short-term focus.

  • Reviewed the hierarchy of the current district top three officer positions, the line structure and the staff structure among district leaders. Considered an option similar to that of having a president-elect at the international level: Having a district-governor-elect position would provide an opportunity for an individual to prepare for the coming year, rather than waiting until one month prior to starting the term.
  • Discussed changing the titles of some offices in order to improve clarity about the roles.

During the Annual Business Meeting at the International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, delegates voted on and passed by more than the required two-thirds vote the proposed amendment to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International that would result in removal of the member dues amount from the Bylaws of the organization.

The new policy of setting dues requires the Board to review membership dues every three years beginning in 2009, resulting in smaller and more incremental increases than in the past.

The revised Bylaws of Toastmasters International can be found on the TI Web site at and search for Bylaws.