Letters – July 2007

Letters – July 2007

Letters to the Editor

A Magazine of Merit
I joined Toastmasters many years ago and recall one of the members, Rick, telling me I would receive the Toastmaster magazine and that it alone was worth the price of membership. I’ve been in sales for many years so I thought it was just part of the sales pitch. But Rick was right: The quality of information presented month after month is worth the price of membership. I almost always read the magazine from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoy it.

I recently took a short hiatus from Toastmasters as I transferred to a new club minutes from my home. One of the things I missed most during that time was my Toastmaster magazine.

Over the years the magazine has become one of my favorites. It consistently contains excellent articles that help to inspire, educate, inform and resell the benefits of being a Toastmaster. I would encourage current members to pass along their copies to people who have shown interest or perhaps to inactive members. Who knows, the copy they read may have just the right article at the right time to encourage them to take that step and join or to reconnect with Toastmasters.

Thanks for providing such a quality magazine.
Burle Bowling, CTM • Wylie Wisecrackers • Wylie, Texas 

As Good as Gold
I am so glad you published the Financial Report for Toastmasters International in the June issue. I know that many Toastmasters would have skipped over it, but for me it illustrates that TI actively pursues good financial governance.

Toastmasters aims to unlock the leadership potential of ordinary men and women. Some of the most important leadership principles are responsible stewardship of resources, transparency and accountability. Thank you for reminding me that I am part of an organization whose conduct is congruent with its stated values, vision and mission.
Tania Ajam • Tygerberg Toastmasters Club • Cape Town, South Africa 

To Prevail After Jail
After reading the article about Bob Babcock’s efforts at the Livingston County Jail (May), I contacted him. He’s a former member of my club, and I asked him to come as a guest speaker and tell us about his experiences with presenting a Toastmaster program at the jail to inmates who are about to be released.

Well, this visit benefited all parties! Some club members, including me, told Bob we’d like to sign up as volunteer speakers for his program. And Bob is considering re-joining our club!

Thanks again for presenting this article in the Toastmaster magazine.
Rosemarie Eskes, DTM • Downtown 65 Toastmasters Club • San Francisco, California 

Kudos to Those Who Stand Out with Outreach
It is easy to enjoy our familiar, encouraging, “safe” Toastmasters clubs with our friends. It is quite another thing to reach out to those who have been rejected and forgotten. Thank you to the courageous Toastmasters who serve in jails and prisons (May 2007). You are inspiring, and you will be blessed.
Jennifer Swanson, ACB, ALB • Marsh Winds Toastmasters • Minnetonka, Minnesota