Viewpoint: When 1 + 1= 3

Viewpoint: When 1 + 1= 3

A message from our International President.

Synergy! That word means that the combined action of two or more people produces results greater than the sum of their individual capabilities. Synergy allows us to produce three from adding two ones.

For example, if two people start separate businesses with a thousand dollars each, they could perhaps earn $100 each over a period of time. But if they pooled their money and became partners, their combined earnings and efforts would allow them to cut costs, increase productivity and increase margins, perhaps earning $300 over the same time period.

In our clubs, we can also add two ones and come up with three. The key to synergism is teamwork. I like to compare each club to a hand, with the members being the fingers of that hand. The fingers are not of the same length, size or strength, and yet, every finger is an integral part of the hand. How would you look if your small finger wouldn’t bend as you made a fist? Even the thumb would be useless without the other fingers to work with. Every finger must function properly in order for the hand to be whole, to be fully productive.

Many years ago, District 75 decided to think big. The members wanted to do a full production of the musical The King And I for its conference fun night. One of the members was an experienced stage actor who had played the role of the king in the past. But alone, he could not produce the play. That’s when synergy and teamwork kicked in. Members from different clubs volunteered to join the cast – even their children played a part.

One member knew a voice coach, so the group was able to get professional help; another member who used to dance professionally provided the choreography. Another member used his skills and contacts to set up all the props for the stage. Yet another member volunteered to cook snacks for the cast during practices. The presentation was a huge success. But beyond that, the members developed a strong sense of camaraderie as well as new communication skills: They learned stage acting and singing, not to mention the use of gestures, vocal variety and voice projection.

Those members exhibited the same kind of synergy throughout that year. They worked together to identify club leads, joined hands in conducting demonstration meetings, assisted new clubs, recruited new members and shared their knowledge with each other. One plus one indeed produced three. That year, the district was a President’s Distinguished District.

You, too, can get three from adding two ones. Work with your clubs and districts as a team. Remember, TEAM stands for Together, Everyone Achieves More. Everybody has a role to play, and if you play it well, then you’ll reap Simply Amazing results for your efforts.

Johnny Uy, DTM
International President