Letters – February 2007

Letters – February 2007

Letters to the Editor

An Unforgettable Visit
I recently returned from a visit to Atlanta, Georgia. Before I went, I contacted several Toastmasters clubs in that area to inquire if I might attend their meeting and be a guest speaker and be evaluated. Luckily, the Ben Hill Toastmasters Club promptly responded and evaluated my speech.

What an honor and wonderful experience to attend another Toastmasters club! I was impressed with everyone, learned a lot and enjoyed watching a video of Dwayne G. Smith presenting his winning speech from the 2003 International Speech Contest.

Visiting other clubs offers invaluable knowledge, fosters new friendships and helps us hone our listening, thinking and speaking skills. I will continue to visit various clubs and encourage other Toastmasters to do the same – especially when traveling.
Dr. Patricia Adelekan, ACG • Achievers Club, Crystal Cathedral Anaheim, California 

A Real Winner!
Julie Bawden Davis’ article on beauty pageants in the December issue struck a chord with me. A few years ago, as “Mrs. Park City,” I was a contestant in the Mrs. Utah-America Pageant. Concerned about speaking in front of a sizeable audience, I joined a local Toastmasters club to gain confidence in the months leading up to the event, not sure I would continue afterward. But I got hooked!

I didn’t win the title, but I did have the door opened for me to a lifetime of learning. I’m a proud ACB and one project away from becoming a CL. Also, there’s no club near my future home in New Hampshire, so I hope to start one. Toastmasters has taught me to undertake worthwhile projects and provided the tools to complete them. Now, that’s a winning combination!
Tricia Pimental, ACB • Lyon Speaks Tonight Club • Fernley, Nevada

Able at the Table!
Three cheers for the three separate articles on Table Topics in the December issue. I used the articles and four others from past issues to prepare a handout for my club members. The importance of Table Topics seems to have been lost at many club meetings and omitted completely in some clubs. I sincerely hope we all get back to the basics and use Table Topics at each and every meeting.
Francis Pelletier, CTM • Northshore Toastmasters Club Middleton, Massachusetts 

A Dressing Down for Not Dressing Up
The cover photo on the December magazine was a poor choice, in my opinion. The banner under the photo reads, “panel moderating made easy.” However, to “make it easy” I dare say one should dress more appropriately than the woman model. She appears prepared to watch a tennis match, not lead the two gentlemen who are dressed in their suit jackets and seated behind her. If the young lady is facing a “challenging leadership role,” she can begin by dressing the part. This message is a common theme in our organization and ought to have been presented as such on the cover.
Susan Jata, ATMB Harpeth View Club Nashville, Tennessee

Don’t stall on the Information Superhighway
The January article by Beth Stinson was excellent and gave club Web masters a lot to think about. I was reminded of my recent virtual tour of all of the Toastmasters district Web sites in the world, during which it became obvious that a district Web site is an expression of district leadership.

When you look at this year’s district Web sites, which ones seem to say “It’s all about Toastmasters” and which ones seem to say “It’s all about me and my theme for the year”?

Which ones have a unified theme and which ones seem like a disorganized speech – lots of little subjects but no overall message? Which promote the Toastmasters logo, and which have so many different logos that it’s hard to tell what the Toastmasters logo is? Which ones post unofficial colorized logo knock-offs? District Web sites carry messages too. Let’s hope those messages are all about Toastmasters.
Susan Ellsworth, DTM • Crown of Laurel Toastmasters Club Adelphi, Maryland