2007 Article Index

2007 Article Index

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Club Meetings
Running the Numbers • Michelle (Miki) Baker, ATMS • Jan/5
Build It and They Will Come • Beth Stinson, CL • Jan/24
3 Points to Keep Your Evaluation on Target • Shelia Spencer, DTM • Feb/8
Do You Dread Receiving an Evaluation? • James Clark, DTM • Feb/12
Live and Learn • Ben Daughtery • May/5
Speechcraft Participants Thrive in County Jail • Charles W. Buffington III, ATMB • May/17
It’s Never Too Late to Join Toastmasters • Neva Lindell, CTM • Jul/5
Meeting on TV • David Lisnek, ACS • Jul/14
10 Tips for Talking Heads • David Yewman • Jul/14
Walking My Talk • Oshiomowe R. Momodu-Busari, ACB, CL • Oct/7
Toastmasters and Bank of America • Carl Duivenvoorden, DTM • Oct/10
The 3 Rs of Evaluating: Review, Reward and Respond • David Hobson, DTM • Nov/8 •
What? A Standing Ovation for an Evaluation? • Judith Tingley, Ph.D., DTM • Nov/10
Assessing Your Evaluations • John Spaith, ACS • Nov/13 •
Experiencing the Competent Leadership Manual • Jean G. Hogle, DTM • Dec/32

I’ll Never Forget What’s-His-Name • Craig Harrison, DTM • Jan/28
District 30 Hosts Thanksgiving Parade • Kim Taylor, CC • Apr/20
Confessions of a Freelance Speechwriter • Colin Moorehouse • Apr/22
Speaking of Science • Erika Ebbel • May/8
Toastmasters Serve the Poor on Mercy Ship • Mike Osborne • .Jun/6
A Question of Etiquette • Margaret Page, CL • Aug/5
Finding a Voice for Your Club Newsletter • Rhys Davies, ATMS, ALS • Aug/22
The Speech or the Speaker? • Gene Perret • Sept/14
Marathon of the Mouth • Caren Neile, Ph.D., ATMS • Oct/14
Some “Free” Advice • John Cadley • Oct/16
10 Tips for a Terrific Talk: Secrets From the Pros • Shawn Doyle, ATMB • Oct/19
The Power to Change the World • Linda McGurk • Oct/22
Making the Moment Meaningful • Dana LaMon • Nov/24 

Moving From Toxic to Nourishing Humor • Joel Goodman • Mar/14
Getting Comfy with Comedy • Lisa Mulcahy • Mar/11
Sweating Out Stand-up • Patrick Mott • Mar/16
How to Add Humor to any Speech • Joe Cooke, ACB • Mar/22
Tall Tales Are a Tall Order • Caren Neile • Nov/16 •
Extra – Extra – Read All About it… Paris Hilton Enters Speech Contest • Richard Steward, DTM • Nov/19
Do You Hear What I Hear? • Marion Amberg • Dec/7 •
Generating Fun with PowerPoint • Malcolm Kushner • Dec/16 

Language/Speech Writing
Looking for a Speech Idea? • Ron Palermo, DTM • Jan/20
Life in a Grammar Slammer • Jason Love • Mar/6
You Can’t Go Wrong If You Name That Song • Malcolm Kushner • Mar/13
5 Sure-Fire Tips for Great Speeches • Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE • Apr/6
Look Before You Leap in Front of an Audience • Dan Naden, CTM • Apr/8
Simple Steps to Writing a Fantastic Speech • Charles W. Buffington III, ATMB • May/22
Want to Become a Wedding Speechwriter? • Laura Yeager • Jun/8
Get the Quote Right • Fred R. Shapiro • Jun/20
Looking for Speech Ideas? Look at Your Life! • Dee Dees, DTM • Jul/22
Snafu Survival • John Tillison, ATMB • Jul/24
Put Your Audience in Your Speech • Kevin Johnston and Tennille-Lynn Millo • Aug/8
Tips from a Toastmaster • Dianne Lawson, ATMS • Aug/12
Preparing a Speech in 5 Minutes • Sid Gilman, DTM • Aug/14
Sounding Good in English • Katherine Meeks • Aug/24
The Power of Words • Elizabeth Martin, ACS • Aug/28 

From Toastmaster to Hit TV Show • Monique Cuvelier • Jan/18 •
Why Attend Club Officer Training? • Shelia Spencer, DTM • Jan/22
Team Commandments • Don Seaton, ACG • Feb/14
What to Do After You Receive Your DTM • Cara Seitchek, DTM • Feb/18
Challenging the Advanced Speaker • Heike Bogt • Feb/27
Talking to Teens • Patrick Mott • May/14
Giving Courage Through Encouragement • Jerry Parsons, DTM • Nov/28 •
An Inconvenient Truth • Carl Duivenvoorden, DTM • Dec/14 

Membership/Club Building
Building New Corporate Clubs • Patrick McClure, ATMS/CL • Jan/8
Keep Guests Coming Back • Karen Hobson • Jan/14
Chartering the Corporate Club: A Survey • Shelia Spencer • Jun/16
Talking Up Toastmasters on the Radio • David Rippe, ATMB, CL • Jul/8
Promote Your Cause on Morning Radio • Buddy Baron • Jul/12
Courteous Ideas that Grow • Robert Brumm • Jul/21 

Personal Growth
Overcoming a Different Kind of Fear • Mahtab Narsimhan, CTM • Feb/5
‘If Only I’d Said...’: Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation • Caren Neile, Ph.D., CL • Feb/20
Learning to Almost Like Criticism • Brian Thoma, CL • Feb/24
A Crash Course in Confidence • Nina L. Kaufman, ATMB • Mar/18
Experience Is Great – But Only If You Learn From It • Gene Perret • Mar/28
A Question of Manners • Margaret Page, CL • Apr/5
Managing Your Toastmaster Materials • Shelia Spencer, DTM • May/24
Landing My Dream Job • Timothy J. Matson • Jun/5
DTM Stands for Dearly Treasured Memories • Melissa Brown, DTM • Sept/12
Managing Anger • Caren Neile, ATMS, CL • Sept/22
From Tragedy to Triumph • Darcy Keith, CC • Nov/6
Reframing Three Major Fears About Public Speaking • Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D, DTM. • Dec/24
Beauty and the Beast • Judi Bailey. • Dec/28 

Presentation Skills
Teaching Presentation Skills to Kids • Julie Bawden Davis • May/6
The Toast: That Other Proposal • Sandra Miller • Jun/12
Impress Them From the Start • Mark Hammerton • Jul/18
Engineering a Win • Dr. April K. Andreas, ACS, CL • Aug/16
Do You Have Charisma? • Eva Kihlstrom • Aug/19
Handling the Hostile Crowd • Judi Bailey • Sept/16
Responding to Hecklers • Mary Ward Menke • Sept/21
Body Language Myths • Dave Zielinski • Sept/24
YouTube Your Way to Better Speaking • Carmine Gallo • Oct/26
Planting a Shill in the Audience • Kristen Johnson, ACB, CL • Nov/20
Who’s Your Audience? • Craig Harrison, DTM • Dec/10
Size Up Your Audience • Cliff Suttle, ATMS/CL • Dec/18
Projecting Power on the Podium • George Torok • Dec/22 

Toastmaster Profiles
Pushing Past His Disability • Julie Bawden Davis • Jan/6
Finding His Voice • Julie Bawden Davis • Feb/6
The Ability to Advocate • Julie Bawden Davis • Mar/8
Wow ‘Em Like Steve Jobs • Carmine Gallo • Apr/14
From Toast to Host • Julie Bawden Davis • Jul/6
Looking For a Profession – Not Pity • Julie Bawden Davis • Aug/6
Legacy of Champions • Julie Bawden Davis • Sept/6
Getting Paid to Speak • Julie Bawden Davis • Oct/8
Answering the Swami’s Question • Julie Bawden Davis • Nov/22
From Producer to Pianist • Julie Bawden Davis • Dec/8