How to Write and Deliver Great Speeches (DVD/Study Guide)

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Running Time: 35 minutes

2007 Telly Awards winner for instructional video and training for corporate use! This DVD replaces the well-known Be Prepared to Speak video. How to Write and Deliver Great Speeches, The Toastmasters Guide to Public Speaking DVD will help you learn the basics of public speaking including:

  • Suggestions for writing a convincing speech
  • Necessary skills for a refined delivery
  • Ideas to apply that will increase the success of your speech
  • Strategic ways to get over your nervousness

This DVD is narrated by six time Emmy-Award winning speaker, comedian Ross Shafer. It follows three different people on their journeys from being novice speakers to becoming confident and articulate presenters. It shows how they overcame their fears of public speaking and grew to actually enjoy talking to audiences. Each DVD comes with a complementary Study Guide containing a checklist to help you prepare for each speech. You, too, can become a confident and articulate speaker!