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Session 4:
Resolving Conflict

The Tools to Address Conflict

Whenever a group of people work closely together, differences in perspective, skill, goals, communication styles and expectations can create conflict. When conflict is unresolved, the entire team suffers. In this session, you will learn some practical techniques for resolving conflict when it occurs, so you can maintain a healthy and productive attitude among team members.

Be sure to fill out the Worksheet on-line or print before you begin.

System Requirements

Additional Resources for Resolving Conflict:

Turning Team Conflict into Team Harmony
Read about how people with diverse backgrounds, aptitudes and belief systems set aside their differences and start “rowing together as one.”

Managing Anger
Anger management will improve life for you and for those around you. Learn to muzzle your pet peeves.

Ready to Blow a Fuse?
Learn new approaches and techniques to manage your anger.

Additional Resources from the Toastmasters Online Store:

Leadership, Part III: Working in the Team Environment (Item 258)
This presentation will help you discover the qualities of developing team relations, encouraging commitment, fostering collaboration, building trust and resolving conflict.

Resolving Conflict (Item 321)
This presentation provides concrete steps that improve and illustrate conflict resolution skills.

Facilitating Discussion (Item 226D)
Facilitate resolution. Use these speech projects to prepare and polish discussion that all district leaders will have while in office.

Interpersonal Communication (Item 226M)
Everyday life presents challenging communication situations. Topics in this manual include conversing with ease, negotiating, handling criticism, coaching someone to improve performance and expressing dissatisfaction effectively.