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District Leader Roles

Rules and Responsibilities
The district governor, lieutenant governor education and training, lieutenant governor marketing and division governor are all elected by the district council. The public relations officer, secretary and treasurer may be elected or appointed by the district governor (subject to district council approval). Area governors may be elected by area councils or appointed by and serve at the will of the district governor; Toastmasters International World Headquarters recommends that they be appointed.

To hold any elected or appointed district office, you must be a club member in good standing and meet all other minimum eligibility requirements. The deadline to submit district leader appointments to World Headquarters is July 15. District leaders must be appointed by September 1 and serve through June 30 to receive credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award.

District Governor
Directly oversees and manages the district’s day-to-day operations, finances, and human resources. Helps district leadership teams work together to fulfill the district mission, while supporting officer development. Read more

Lieutenant Governor Education and Training
Responsible for education and training, supporting quality club programming efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program and planning the district conference. Read more

Lieutenant Governor Marketing
Responsible for marketing, club-building, district retention efforts, marketing strategy, outreach efforts within the community. Read more

Public Relations Officer
Responsible for publicity efforts and maintaining lines of communication between the district, its members and the public at large through all available media. Read more

Responsible for maintaining district historical records, recording and distributing meeting minutes, and maintaining accurate, timely records of district business. Read more

Responsible for fiscal oversight and management; works closely with the district governor and lt. governors to ensure effective fiscal management. Read more

Division Governor
Leads and supports the division through the supervision and support of the area governors; works closely with area governors to implement district goals. Read more

Area Governor
Serves as a liaison between the district and its clubs via semiannual area club visits to understand how clubs are fulfilling member needs and how the district is supporting each club. Read more

Region Advisor
Supports district leaders' efforts to enhance the quality and performance of district clubs. (This is a region-level leader role rather than a district-level leadership position.) Read more