Member Spotlight

Accredited Speaker Margaret Hope

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Subject Areas

  • You're Speaking - But Are You Connecting?
  • Networking - Face-to-Face Communcation
  • Fastest Speech You'll Ever (not) Write
  • Clear Thinking - Clear Speaking (Brain/Speech Relationship)
  • Speeches of Leadership

Educational and professional background: Masters degree in Speech Education. Currently a University Instructor & speaking / training / speech coaching for corporations and association clients. Was a school principal, a teacher and before that, a recreational therapist.

Special awards or recognition you have received inside and outside of Toastmasters: Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary Interrnational

The type of presentations: Primarily custom-designed for my clients, my workshops and presentations are highly interactive and based on their needs and requirements rather than on a set pattern of learning. I don't really have "off the shelf" speeches or presentations.

The audience to which you typically present (business, community, etc.): Business & Professions especially in Accounting, Finance, Technology, Engineering, Law, Insurance, Real Estate & Higher Education.

What advice do you have for potential Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Don't try to do it by yourself. We formed a Success Team around this, held monthly planning and rehearsal meetings, kept each other motivated and celebrated our successes together. It was less terrifying and a lot more fun.

Available to serve as a mentor for Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Yes!