Member Spotlight


Accredited Speaker Anne Barab

Dallas, Texas (USA)

Subject Areas

  • Personal Excellence
  • SPEAKology - Presentation Skills
  • Positive Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Communication

Educational and professional background: Anne Barab is a personal excellence expert who helps people and companies adapt to change in a positive and productive way. Her best-selling book The Sooner You Laugh The Faster You Heal: How to Challenge the Assumptions that Ruin Your Life is a humorous look at how people create their own dissatisfaction and unhappiness. For nearly 20 years she's been teaching Fortune 500 companies, associations and non-profits how to move into the future with success and optimism.

Special awards or recognition you have received inside and outside of Toastmasters: Anne has been a professional paid speaker for nearly 20 years. She has spoken at the International convention many times and was the first Toastmaster in 25 years to deliver a main stage keynote at the 2007 Toastmasters International Convention. She's spoken at numerous Toastmaster conferences around the world and is repeatedly described as "the best presenter we've ever had!"

The type of presentations: Main stage Keynotes plus a breakout session for extra value Workshops on SPEAKology, How to Master and Monetize Your Message.

The audience to which you typically present (business, community, etc.): Business corporations, associations, non-profits, all audiences
Anne has presented to corporate clients on 3 continents, 7 countries and all 50 states.

What advice do you have for potential Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Your Accredited Speaker speech should be about a subject that an audience would pay money to hear. Make sure it is well organized with an opening that immediately grabs the audience’s interest, three points that support your premise and lead to a conclusion that contains a strong call to action. A valuable presentation answers the audience members’ unspoken question: “What am I supposed to do with this information?”

Available to serve as a mentor for Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Yes!