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Building New Clubs

Toastmasters groups are formed every day in a variety of settings. Groups meet onsite at corporations, churches, community centers – even in restaurants.

Community clubs are generally open to anyone, while company clubs are often limited to employees of that company and are closed to outside members.

The process to form a Toastmasters group is simple and all of the materials are provided for you! You can start a Toastmasters group onsite at your organization, or you can start a local group in your community.

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New Club Forms:

How to Build a Toastmasters Club (PDF)

Application to Organize (PDF)

Charter Membership Application (PDF)

Charter Payments (PDF)

Charter Club Officer Information (PDF)

Club Information (PDF)

Toastmasters Club Constitution & Bylaws (PDF)

U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Member Letter (PDF)

Articles of Incorporation (PDF)

All About Toastmasters (PDF)

Find Your Voice (PDF)

Clear Communication. Your Organization Needs It. (PDF)

Confidence. The Voice of Leadership. (PDF)

501(c)(3) IRS Group Exemption Letter (PDF)

Start Your Club Off Right! flier (PDF)