A Toastmaster's Journey

Our Commitment to MembersI wasn’t born a leader. They were all around me though. In the community, at work, at school. Leaders were everywhere.

They were the heads of families, coaches of teams, business leaders, mentors, organizational decision-makers. I admired these leaders. They influenced who I was and who I was becoming. Whatever they did professionally or how they became what they were, I aspired to walk in their footsteps.

And, so, I committed myself to becoming one. Finally, it came to me. It wasn’t just what leaders knew that enabled them to lead. They had a voice. They could tell their story. They could listen and answer. They didn’t just accomplish, they communicated.

So I set out to find my voice. Learn to process information on my toes. I needed to learn to listen. Learn to give feedback—and accept it. I needed to organize, plan, deliver, follow up. I needed a place where all the ingredients were there, and someone would guide me along the way.

I found that place.

I found a community of learners and the path to leadership.

I am a leader—and I was made.

What Toastmasters Can Do For You

Do you want to learn how to deliver a speech like a pro? Or gain leadership skills to advance in your career? Your goals are important, and Toastmasters’ proven program can help you reach them. By joining a club, you’ll gain the skills to become a more confident public speaker and a stronger leader in every area of your life.  Learn more

What to Know Before You Go

Every day, thousands of people go to Toastmasters meetings held within communities and organizations around the world. A club meeting isn’t set up like classroom. Instead, it’s a supportive group environment where people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds come together to practice their skills and exchange valuable feedback. Watch this short video to see a club meeting in action:  Watch now

How to Choose a Club

With more than 15,900 clubs in 142 countries, finding a club near you should be easy. It's important to choose a club that fits your goals, preferences and schedule. You can also visit several clubs before you join one. Ready to get started? Find a club near you. Search now‚Äč

Can't find a club in your area? It's easy to start one!  Learn more

How to Reach Your Goals

Toastmasters offers a proven education program that is divided into two tracks: Communication and Leadership. The program allows you to choose one track or both, and each features a series of projects that can be completed at your own pace. You also have the flexibility to work through each track separately or both at the same time, and you can repeat a track as often as you wish. Once you become a member, you can get started right away.   Learn more


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