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Revitalized Education Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Toastmasters embarking on this project?
To provide members with greater access to education materials, expanded learning resources and an educational experience with real-world application. In short, the goal of the revitalized program is to meet the evolving needs of our members.

What is the plan for developing the program?
The Education Program Team is developing content and resources, and working closely with two groups of member volunteers: Learning Masters and Ambassadors. Learning Masters provide input on the revitalized program and Ambassadors communicate its benefits to fellow members.

How will I benefit from a revitalized program?

You will benefit from improvements such as:

  • Tailored learning to help members meet personal and professional goals
  • A greater use of technology to boost self-directed learning
  • Communication and leadership skills that are relevant to real-world needs
  • A clearer path for achieving education awards

What technology tools will I be able to use?
At this point, not all of the specifics have been determined. However, the intent is to give you online access to educational materials , video and other learning opportunities, and provide you with the chance to reach around the globe and learn along with members in other countries.

Is everything in the education program going to change?
No. Toastmasters is modernizing and enhancing the existing education program.

The traditional core—and values—of the Toastmasters education program will remain in place. Achievement and recognition will still be vital. However, the way you can access educational content will change in dynamic ways.

What if I don’t want to access materials online?
Then you can access them in print. Members can access materials both online and in print.

How are members participating in program development?
The two groups of volunteers, Learning Masters and Ambassadors, play a key role in the project. Learning Masters offer their input and ideas during the various phases of the program’s development. They will also beta test new materials prior to the launch of the revitalized program. Ambassadors will update members on the progress of the program and spread the word about benefits to members around the world.

Can Chief Ambassadors and Ambassadors run for district office?
Yes they can, as long as they feel they can commit the time to serve effectively in both roles. Both involve handling a considerable amount of responsibilities.

Will all education awards I have earned still be valid once the revitalized education program starts?
All education awards you have achieved up to that point will be valid.

Will we be using the same manuals we use now?
Manuals will change, but new materials will reflect the same core concepts.

What happens if I am working toward an award when the program starts?
There will be a significant period of overlap (for a period to be determined) when the current education program and the revitalized one will be available concurrently. This will allow you to complete current education awards if you wish.

If I have questions, who can I contact?
You can email