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Learning Masters

Led by Past International President Pat Johnson, Learning Masters consult with the program development team as representatives of the membership at large. They:

  • Share their experience of learning through Toastmasters
  • Provide input about what they would like to see in the revitalized education program
  • Validate assumptions of learning ideas and tools as the project progresses
  • Try out the enhanced program as beta testers

The Learning Masters team includes approximately 250 volunteers representing all 14 regions.

These members have varying education levels, leadership experience, time in Toastmasters and professional backgrounds. Their wide-ranging experiences will help ensure that the development of the revitalized education program takes into consideration the needs of all members.

Learning Masters are doing the following activities:

  • Answering monthly surveys regarding educational materials
  • Responding to questions posted monthly on an online discussion board
  • Sharing information on how communication and leadership skills are developed in your club

Click to view Profiles of Learning Masters by region.