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Session 1: Overview of the Region Advisor Role

The Responsibilities of the Region Advisor

This session explores the three most important functions (consulting, strategizing and training) of the region advisor. After viewing this session, you will be able to carry out specific responsibilities individually and work together with your teams to accomplish each district's mission.

Be sure to print the Worksheet before you begin.

System Requirements

Additional Resources for Region Advisor Responsibilities:

District Calendar
Keep up with important Toastmasters dates and deadlines. This resource will enable you to plan projects and maintain accountability throughout the Toastmasters year.

Training Club and District Officers
Essential information and materials for making your training sessions the best. It's your one-stop shop for all your training needs.

TI’s Educational System
Toastmasters’ heart is the educational program. Make sure you know the program so you can promote excellence in education and keep your clubs, areas and divisions heart-healthy.

Teach Clubs How to Conduct Effective Meetings
Program planning and meeting organization are important factors in providing top-level service. Good club meetings provide the means and environment for members to reach their goals by becoming effective speakers, listeners, thinkers and leaders.

Building New Clubs 
The process to form a Toastmasters group is simple and all of the materials are provided for you! You’ll find what you need for chartering company and community clubs.

Club Coach Program
Find rules and regulations for coaches, appointment forms and an entire manual with tips for rebuilding clubs. This tool provides everything you need to know regarding club coaches!

Membership Building
Facilitate your clubs’ membership-building efforts. On this page you’ll find:

  • FREE promotional resources
  • membership contests
  • club websites
  • Welcome To Toastmasters video clips

Toastmasters Mission, Values and Envisioned Future
Use TI’s mission, vision and values statements to establish a strategic framework and guide the district for success.

District Performance Reports 
This resource will allow you to track your progress toward achieving your district goals. You can know at any given time throughout the day where your district stands.

Additional Resources from the Toastmasters Online Store:

How to Be a Distinguished Club (Item 299)
Help your division and area governors explain and promote the Distinguished Club Program to clubs with this presentation.

The Toastmasters Educational Program (Item 300)
Help your clubs answer these questions and let them know about this presentation from The Successful Club Series. The information provides an orientation for the education program that is valuable to new and experienced members. 

Put on a Good Show (Item 220)
This comprehensive guide to planning, organizing and on-site coordination of all Toastmasters' events tells you how to:

  • organize a conference committee
  • select a hotel site
  • plan food and beverage events
  • promote the conference
  • plan room arrangements
  • and much more