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e-Learning FAQs

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Why e-Learning?

Like many educational institutions, companies and government offices before us, we’ve come to the conclusion that a combined approach of e-learning, face-to-face trainings and top-notch manuals and publications will help us reach a larger audience worldwide, with a more consistent message and with greater convenience for everyone involved.

Will e-learning replace face-to-face training completely?

No. There will still be face-to-face training opportunities for district leaders at mid-year and at the International Convention.

Why does the playback look jerky on my computer?

We aimed for compatibility with the widest variety of computers in our design of the Toastmasters Learning Connection, but inevitably some users will have problems. If you are having issues viewing the sessions, try the following:

  • Check the system requirements. Be sure you have the latest version of the Flash Player installed on your system, and verify that you are using a broadband Internet connection.
  • Restart the session. Close the TLC window and then click Launch Session to begin again.
  • Reboot your computer. Restart your computer and then try again.
  • Try a different computer. Try viewing the session from a different computer in your house, or perhaps at a public library. If you are using your laptop, switch to your desktop computer, or vice-versa.

Who do I contact for e-Learning questions and comments?

Send an email to for any questions or feedback from the Toastmasters Learning Connection.