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Session 3:
Successful Demonstration Meetings

Impressing by Demonstrating

This session will describe the process you should follow to have a successful demonstration meeting. After viewing this session, you will be prepared to bring the necessary materials, have the right volunteers and carry out the best demonstration meeting for the establishment of a new club.

Be sure to print the Worksheet before you begin.

System Requirements

Additional Resources for Successful Demonstration Meetings: 

Demonstration Meeting Outline
Get meeting agendas for the first eight meetings, including the demonstration meeting.

How to Build a Toastmasters Club (Item 121)
How-to instructions for chartering both community and corporate clubs.

Building New Corporate Clubs
A large part of TI’s expansion, and its future, depends on the organization’s success in recruiting new corporate clubs. Follow these seven simple strategies to master your professional sales approach.

Corporate Marketing Presentation (PPT)
Help corporations discover the importance of the Toastmasters program with this engaging presentation.
Starting from Scratch - How to Sponsor New Clubs (PPT)
View this PowerPoint presentation for club sponsor training. Find individuals who will take the lead to establish a club.