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Session 2:
Exploring Needs

Meeting the Need to Make the Sale

This session will describe four steps to conducting an effective face-to-face meeting that will open the door to a demonstration Toastmasters meeting. After viewing this session, you will know how to prepare for and conduct a face-to-face meeting with a prospective new club lead. Furthermore, you will learn how to establish a demonstration meeting.

Be sure to print the Worksheet before you begin.

System Requirements

Additional Resources for Exploring Needs:

Features, Benefits and Value (PDF)
Use this chart to help you illustrate the many components Toastmasters offers, the advantages of the program and the rewards members will acquire.

Building New Corporate Clubs 
A large part of TI’s expansion, and its future, depends on the organization’s success in recruiting new corporate clubs. Follow these seven simple strategies to master your professional sales approach.

Corporate Marketing Presentation (PPT)
Help corporations discover the importance of the Toastmasters program with this engaging presentation.

Build New Clubs (PDF & PPT)
This Area & Division Governor training program will broaden your awareness for the need of new clubs and sharpen your skills to establish them.

Business Cards and Stationary 
Create your own official Toastmasters stationery with ease.

Additional Resources from the Toastmasters Online Store:

New Club Information Kit (Item 123) 
Be sure you have these FREE kits on hand to bring with you to your meeting. Download and print the New Club Forms. This kit contains information to build new clubs, including How To Build a Toastmasters Club (Item 121) and promotional brochures to use when recruiting members.

How to Listen Effectively (Item 242) 
This program teaches listening, speaking and leadership skills. Develop your listening skills to meet the needs of a new club lead.

Toastmasters and You! (Item 1167)
This kit is to be given to new members as soon as they join the club and before they receive their New Member Kit from WHQ. 
Note Cards & Envelopes (Item 352)
Demonstrate your gratitude for taking the time to meet with you by sending a thank you note.