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Session 2:
Five Principles of Motivation

The Five Principles

Motivating others is not an easy task, but if you gain an understanding of what motivates team members, you can apply some proven principles and techniques to inspire those around you to action. This session will identify five basic principles that will help you engage, encourage and energize your team in real-world situations.

Be sure to fill out the Worksheet on-line or print before you begin.

System Requirements

Additional Resources to Help You Motivate Your Team:

Seven Secrets of Inspiring Leaders
How to inspire employees, investors and customers.

The Wooden Way
A legendary coach offers lessons in team building, conflict resolution, dealing with adversity and pursuing excellence. 

Laws for Positive Leadership
A positive leader is someone who inspires, motivates, energizes, unites, generates loyalty and produces results. Learn how to be a leader others want to follow.

Bringing Out the Best in People
Leadership success is built on our ability to communicate and coordinate. Develop key leadership strategies for team building to reach a common or agreed-upon goal.

Leading Without Authority
Consider the last time you were in a situation where you had to influence or lead someone who held a higher rank or more experience than you did. Discover how to influence others when you don’t have ‘position power.’

Team Commandments
Learn 10 tips to help district and club teams succeed. Enhance your ability to gain new team members and retain those from previous years. 

Visualize Success – and it Can Be Yours!
Use visualization to motivate yourself and your team. Obtain the value of setting specific, measurable goals.

Additional Resources from the Toastmasters Online Store:

Motivating People (Item 319)
This presentation examines how to be sensitive to your team members' needs and create an environment that will motivate them.

Leadership, Part II: Developing Your Leadership Skills (Item 256)
Gain motivational skills while developing your leadership ability. Become a well-rounded leader with this educational series. 

Improving Your Management Skills (Item 259) 
Manage to motivate. This educational seminar program will give participants the knowledge and skills they need to be more effective managers.