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Session 2: DSP

How to Use the District Success Plan

This session explains how to use the District Sucess Plan as a tool for success in the Distinguished District Program. It outlines the contributions of the district leaders in the DSP and explains how these contributions lead to district success. After viewing this session, you will be able to use the DSP as a resource in leading your district to success.

Be sure to print the Worksheet before you begin.

System Requirements

Additional Resources for the Distinguished District Program:

District Recognition Program
The foundation of the District Recognition Program is the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). This focus on club quality and member satisfaction has resulted in exciting changes to the recognition program, aligning the Distinguished Club, Area, Division, and District programs. In this manual, district leaders learn about new recognition requirements for areas, divisions, and districts.

District Success Plan
Your top priority as a district leader is to ensure that your district becomes distinguished. The DSP is your strategy for reaching those goals.

District Leadership Handbook(Item 222)
Use this tool for district leaders as a reference for district questions.