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District Leader Modules


District leader modules establish and enhance the knowledge base of district leaders and offer fundamental principles that can be applied toward the operation of the district. Each module will help district leaders fulfill their duties and develop the essential skills necessary to achieve district success and, ultimately, distinguished status. Below are overviews of each module.

Module 1: Leading Teams provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful year as a volunteer leader.

Module 2: New Clubs discusses the steps necessary to effectively establish new clubs. From initial contact to the sample (demonstration) meeting, leaders learn the most useful processes to form new clubs.

Module 3: Budget and Financial Management emphasizes and explains the connection between the DDP, the DSP and the budget and how to develop and carry out a sound financial plan, as well as how to access district funds. The role of treasurer in district finance is also discussed.

Module 4: Distinguished District Program explains the Distinguished District Program and the District Success Plan and how to use them together to achieve district success.