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Can an applicant apply for more than one region?
No. A candidate may only apply for one region. 

What is the deadline for submitting an application?
The application process opens July 15 and the deadline for submitting an application is September 30.

Is the application available in Word format?
No. Only electronic PDF applications will be accepted.


In what capacity are the RAs involved in training?
RAs facilitate the district leadership training at International Convention and at mid-year. The Training team at World Headquarters develops the content for the RAs to present.

What is the difference in job scope between the positions of RA and international director?
RAs are operational advisors at the region level who guide and consult district leaders. The international directors are officers of the corporation and have strategic and fiduciary roles.

Who do RAs report to?
RAs report to the International President through World Headquarters.

How often do RAs visit each district?
It is not a requirement that every district be visited in person. The RAs make this determination based on the needs of each district.

Can RAs visit districts before the official program year begins on July 1?
To avoid problems with overlapping terms, the incoming RA may visit districts after July 1.

Can an RA make an unofficial visit to a district or club?
No. RAs need approval from the International President for any club or district visit. RA visits are official. Some visits may be approved for reimbursement, while others may not.

What involvement does the RA have in club officer training?
At the district level, RAs provide input on the marketing portion of training, but do not necessarily act as trainers.


Is an RA allowed to campaign on behalf of an international officer or director?
No. This also precludes RAs from being candidates themselves during their term.

When is an RA allowed to announce her candidacy for international officer or director?
Announcements may be made after the RA term has finished.

Can an RA be on a nominating committee?
RAs may not serve on the district nominating committee or the International Leadership Committee (ILC).

District support

Can RAs help districts complete the District Success Plan (DSP)?
Yes. RAs guide district leaders as they complete the DSP. RAs serve as a resource to district leaders and help the districts achieve success.