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Core Competencies, Qualifications and Expectations

What skills are needed to be an RA?

Core Competencies
Successful candidates will have the following core competencies:

Understanding of marketing principles and concepts:
Creation and implementation of successful marketing campaigns, brand identification, understanding of recruitment and retention methodologies, corporate relationships (e.g., cold calls, closing sales, relationship building and corporate visits)

Team- and relationship-building, coaching and mentoring, networking and development of future leaders

Written and verbal communication including effective listening skills

Conflict Management:
Conflict-resolution strategies and mediation

Understanding of Toastmasters International:
Mission, vision and values; organizational structure; the club model; distinguished programs; and marketing strategies specific to Toastmasters International

Facilitating successful marketing training programs, ability to effectively teach complex concepts, and familiarity with e-learning programs

Project Management:
Organization, coordination and implementation of identified plans and strategies; collaboration with multiple districts simultaneously; and successful interaction with multiple positions

Technical Abilities:
Understanding of social networking and working knowledge of current software applications

Problem Solving:
Analytical insight and skills and the ability to apply these skills both independently and within a team

Qualifications of successful candidates include the following: 

  • Good standing as a Toastmaster
  • A minimum of 12 consecutive months serving as a district governor, lieutenant governor education and training, lieutenant governor marketing, or a combination thereof
  • Availability for training and travel as needed
  • Regular access to email and the Internet

RAs report to the International President through World Headquarters and serve a 15-month term, beginning April 1 and concluding June 30 of the following year. An RA may serve no more than two consecutive terms and must apply for each term. The following is expected of region advisors:

  • Participation
    Participate in a region advisor orientation, conference calls and webinars.
  • Training
    Facilitate the district leader training at the International Convention and at mid-year.
  • Travel
    Travel to each district in the region once per year if necessary. All visits must be approved by the International President. If the RA visits a district a second time, expenses may not be reimbursed.
  • Communication
    Communicate with district leaders at least once a month. Region Advisors must have a good command of the English language and be comfortable presenting and training in English. 
  • Time
    Spend approximately 25 to 30 hours per month in support of this role.

If you are interested in becoming a region advisor, please review the Leadership Roles document to obtain a better understanding of the roles, attributes and responsibilities.